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Primepack Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 Celebration

September 02, 2022

In Chinese, the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhongqiu Jie (中秋节) is also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It is China's second most important festival after the Chinese New Year.


Last September 02, 2022, the Company celebrated the Mooncake Festival together with its employees. Everybody enjoyed playing the moon dice game with groceries as prizes. Everyone had fun, especially since each team was composed of employees from different departments. The employees happily took home canned goods, packs of biscuits, chocolates, and cash as the grand prize.


Employees feel grateful and blessed! Til the next celebration!


Team Building 2022

April 22, 2022

Team Building 2022.jpg
Team Building 2022-winners.jpg

Primepack held its Team building at Caliraya Resorts Club last April 22, 2022. There was a friendly competition between teams composed of employees from different departments. Even though the weather was not as good as expected, rain or shine, everybody enjoyed the games. Team members gave their best during the competition.

The Company values the work-life balance of its employees. This event has built a more harmonious relationship among everyone. Camaraderie is also established through other fun-filled activities in the afternoon.

Thank you, Lord, for your never-ending blessings!


1st General Assembly 2022

The Company held its 1st General Assembly to discuss the Department Updates and Accomplishments of Q4 2021 on February 22 and 23 (3 batches).


Keeping the safety protocols, the GA was conducted thru zoom meetings. The Facilitator-reporters stayed in the Conference Room, other attendees were in their work stations. While those in the operations attended in the Training Room. Also, EastWest Healthcare conducted the orientation of its HMO Program to the Team.


Holidays 2021

For 10th year now, Primepack employees join AMTES Corporation to share surprise gifts and bring cheers to the children of various orphanages, organization and community.

Distribution of “JOY-in-a-BOX” is an annual activity where employees share new and slightly used clothes, pairs of shoes, toys , hygiene products and others during Christmas Season


For employees, the activity become a personal avenue  where they can share their blessings to less fortunate children.


Helping Typhoons Jolina and Kiko Victims

September 2021

AMTES Corporation shared 200 grocery packs to the typhoon victims. Primepack employees also shared new and slightly used clothes. New pairs of slippers were also sent to the areas.

Distribution of Goods to Victims of Taal Volcano Eruption

August 01, 2021

Primepack Family organized a Donation Drive  and distributed goods to those families affected by the volcanic eruption. There were blankets, used clothes, canned goods, packs of biscuits, toys, diapers for babies and items for proper hygiene.

Primepack Plant Inauguration

November 08,2019

After more than 17 years, Primepack finds its permanent home. The new factory is seated at about 5,500 sqm inside L13 A2 Carmelray Industrial Park II, Brgy. Milagrosa, Calamba City, Laguna. The momentous event was attended by customers, suppliers and other shareholders.

Team Building 2019

June 01, 2019

Participated by its employees, Primepack held its Teambuilding at Royal Palm Resort & Leisure Park Brgy. Puypuy, Bay, Laguna. There was a  friendly competition between teams from different departments. Through this event, all of the employees tested their trust in each other and built a good relationship with the whole team. It was a surely fun-filled event for all!

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